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Chinese Acupuncture Course

This condensed course goes back to the very source of acupuncture and is based on the palpatory diagnosis of the points, for greater clarity, simplicity and clinical effectiveness. It presents the place of Man and physiology in Chinese medicine, the tools and techniques of acupuncture, the location and study of points and channels, as well as clinical practice and methodology.

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A full package

A complete training course, with quality teaching resources (course handbooks, atlas of points, training exercises, posters) and effective clinical training to ensure your success.

5 fundamental modules + 4 advanced modules in paediatrics, gynaecology, obstetrics, andrology, rheumatology, internal pathologies, psychiatry.

The therapist's indispensable tool: alone or combined with other treatments in an integrative approach, this training in Chinese acupuncture boosts your clinical results. It brings an effective response to the new health challenges, removes obstacles to cure, increases your success rate and actively supports the patient's physiology.

An immersion in traditional Chinese medicine
For a true and efficient practice of acupuncture and to continue to train without obstacles. This new reading grid also allows you to refine your diagnosis, to better understand the evolution of the disease and the healing process.

An outstanding palpatory training
As a trained osteopath, Julien teaches you clear anatomical references and guides you in your palpatory and energetic sensations for a safe and efficient location of acupuncture points.

Symptomatic forms for successful treatments
In addition to the methodology acquired, these forms offer therapists a direct approach to managing common or specific pathologies quickly and confidently.

A simple, clear and proven methodology
Based on the palpatory diagnosis of the points, this methodology allows a direct and unambiguous approach. Working routines and reflexes are quickly acquired, allowing the therapist to treat successfully and to develop confidence and skills.

Program 2023-24

Module 1a-b - Fundamentals and treatment of the lower level
Module 2 - Treatment of the middle level
Module 3 - Treatment of the upper level
Module 4 - Constitutional and seasonal treatments
Module 5 - Paediatrics, Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Andrology
Module 6 - Rheumatology
Module 7 - Internal pathologies and common symptom form
Module 8 - Psychiatry and extradromic points

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