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Nejang Yoga
for Health & Healing

Nejang clears your mind, enhances the immune response, reduces stress, restores muscular balance and integrity, alleviates pain, and increases mobility.

Once a secret practice of yogis, Nejang is now used by Tibetan doctors to keep themselves healthy and support their patients. It is a wonderful self-empowerment tool to sustain your own health & wellbeing or take your meditation practice to a new level.

Julien, your experienced instructor with solid medical background, will work with you privately to identify your goals or health concerns and define individualised short- and longer-term practices. For enhanced results, practise at home for 15 minutes daily.

Nejang compiles 24 exercises based on movement, breathing, and awareness, to work on specific organs and systems. It’s a gentle but effective yoga based on Tibetan medicine. No funny postures, no nonsense, it’s addressed to all age groups and is particularly indicated in:

  • Changes in your lifestyle, occupation, postpartum, retirement: to keep or regain balance and vitality

  • Challenges at work and exams preparation: to clear your mind, re-centre yourself and enhance your performance

  • Back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders: to alleviate pain, restore mobility and overall balance

  • Post-surgery: to boost your recovery, informed by a clear medical understanding of your condition

  • Mental-emotional challenges such as trauma, depression, anxiety, panic attacks: to manage, reduce crisis and support your treatment

  • Neurological, cardiovascular, and chronic conditions: for a more holistic approach, to relieve stress in mind and body and support other treatments you may be receiving through medical and rehabilitation therapies.

  • Yoga and meditation practitioners: to sustain your daily practice or prepare yourself for a specific retreat, Nejang is the best indicated yoga for you. It will remove physiological obstacles and brighten your mind, so you can get the most out of your practice.


Your Nejang instructor

Julien is a qualified Nejang instructor. He has trained with Dr Nida Chenagtsang and followed the whole cursus in Tibetan Medicine. Julien is also a French osteopath with a broad medical background which ensures an in-depth understanding of your condition and an efficient individualised Nejang practice.


Small group Nejang session

£20 / hour. Bookings in block of 8 sessions. 

Private Nejang session

£70 / hour. Bookings in block of 8 sessions. 

Nejang retreat and holiday class

Please register your interest for coming events and we will keep you posted.

Fore more info on dates, venues and availability, or to discuss your needs or condition, please get in touch:

Tibetan yoga

Contact us

Conan Doyle Medical Centre

4 Nether Liberton Ln


EH16 5TY

Opening times & Out-of-hours

Monday to Friday: 9am-6pm
Out-of-hours (premium): please call

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