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Booking & Fees


If you want to discuss your condition and see how we can help you, just get in touch and we'll organise a free 10min

To book an appointment, send an email or call us on:

The initial consultation, especially in Homeopathy, is longer (60-90min), to give you and the therapist the necessary time to expose and investigate your condition, discuss the different  options and start your treatment.

Timely follow-ups are necessary to ensure the best treatment results. Your progress will be reviewed and and your treatment adjusted.

This is also a good time to discuss further with your therapist.

Make sure to attend your scheduled appointment.


Integrative Medicine Package    NEW PRICING      +£20 /therapy only

Your health is our top priority. We make our appointments  flexible, affordable and perfectly tailored to your needs. Should you need an additional treatment during your session, we would only charge an additional £20 /add-on therapy to boost your recovery.

Classical Homeopathy

In-person and online appointment via zoom


  • First consultation (90min) £120

  • Follow-up (max 60min) £70

  • short acute/emergency appointment £50

Babies and Children under 12

  • First consultation £90

  • Follow-up £70

  • short acute/emergency appointment £40

Out-of-hours appointment
£50 premiu
m on week days
£100 premium on week-ends

Chinese acupuncture

1-hour session £70

Cranio-sacral & manipulative therapy

1-hour session £70

Pelvic floor therapy

1-hour one-to-one session £70

Post-natal check

Mother & baby, 1-hour session £70

No show / Cancellation policy

We understand that appointments sometimes need to be changed. 
 reschedule or cancel your appointment, please respect the 2-working day cancellation policy.
The full appointment fees are due if you don't attend or don't cancel your appointment in time, and must be paid prior to your next appointment.

Contact us

Conan Doyle Medical Centre

4 Nether Liberton Ln


EH16 5TY

Out of hours and emergency

Please call us

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