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Manipulative Therapy Course

3x4 days for effective treatment of the lower and upper limbs, pelvis, and spine

This intensive course in manipulative therapy enables the integrative medicine therapist to effectively deal with the major dysfunctions encountered in their patients. Highly structured and clear, this practical course covers the fundamentals of manual therapy, lesional and compensatory chains and an exceptional methodology to ensure your success. 

Rowan Health Classical Homeopathy Alternative Medicine Manual Therapy Osteopathy Edinburgh

This crash course covers the entire osteoarticular systems and focuses on the main dysfunctions encountered, offers clear exclusion tests, and a proven correction methodology to enable the therapist to meet the various needs of his patients in complete safety: falls, sprains, torticollis, sport injury, post-partum...

The global and thorough understanding of the physiological systems and articular chains allows a global work for stable and durable corrections.
This specific methodology restores mobility and freedom of movement to the patient, key to his physical, emotional and mental health.

Treating the mechanical causes allows the patient to avoid or reduce the use of painkillers and also allows the therapist to remove certain barriers to integrative medicine treatments (acupuncture, homeopathy, phytotherapy...), thus increasing the success rate.


-Fundamentals of manipulative therapy
-Palpatory anatomy and pathophysiology of movement
-Exclusion rules, red-flags
-Joint integrity and mobility tests
-Correction techniques
-Lesion and c
compensatory patterns
-Treatment methodology

-Integrative approach: combining manipulative therapies with acupuncture, homeopathy and phytotherapy

Module 1 (4 days): lower limb, pelvis

Module 2 (4 days): head, spine, thorax

Module 3 (4 days): upper limb

For a detailed program, please email-us. 

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