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Intensive Repertorisation Training

Online training - weekly Zoom meetings

40 hours of online training to repertorise efficiently and with confidence. Weekly training in live sessions on Zoom.

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Repertorisation is the key element in the homeopathic consultation to find the right remedy. With this intensive training, you will master the rubrics of the repertory, its language, and use. 

Together, we will do numerous practical exercises both on the printed repertory and on the 'Vithoulkas Compass', the professional repertorization software. In this way, you will structure and deepen your knowledge of the Materia Medica, bring it to life, and learn to ask the right questions in the consultation.

This advanced software is an essential tool for the modern homeopath and is also a valuable decision-making aid, greatly facilitating the differentiation of remedies. Thanks to its pre-filled forms, it also allows accelerated case taking for the treatment of acute cases and the efficient management of emergency situations.


Importance of repertorisation
The different repertories
In-depth study of the Kent Repertory
How to use a repertory: rubrics, language, methodology
Links between repertory / Materia Medica / clinical cases
Training on the printed Repertory and on the 'VC' Vithoulkas Compass software
Repertorisation exercises
Repertorisation of clinical cases

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