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Prescribing Strategies

This advanced course on prescribing strategies in homeopathy will enable you to analyse and make effective use of the information collected during the consultation, to sort and select the characteristic symptoms of the case, to master and use the different prescribing strategies to find the simillimum, to choose the appropriate potency to start and continue the treatment.
Illustrated by numerous case studies, this course also introduces the Vithoulkas Compass, an essential software for repertorisation and prescription.


This unique methodology, developed by Prof. Vithoulkas (Alternative Nobel Prize and most internationally awarded homeopath) is used worldwide. It provides clarity and accuracy in prescribing, allowing homeopaths to perform their work without stress, boosting their success rate and treating the most complex cases. 

In today's situation of increasing co-morbidities, chronic conditions and degenerative diseases, the task of the homeopath is even more difficult as the symptomatology is unclear, and finding the simillimum has become a daunting if not impossible task if one does not have the right tools.

This groundbreaking methodology allows one to understand the different layers of remedies present in a patient and to plan the treatment effectively.


Reminders on case analysis

- role of prognosis
- elements to consider

Assessment and hierarchy of symptoms 
- the different types of symptoms 
- their hierarchisation

Prescribing strategies
- the different strategies
- methodology and use
- differentiation of remedies

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